Tippecanoe Arts Federation • 2017
Lafayette, Indiana

Art is not always about pretty things. It is about who we are, what has happened to us and how our lives are changed. catholicity is my attempt to understand how I was affected by a childhood and youth of indoctrination in the Catholic education system.

These images share my adult perspective of the Church, not as a guiding light but as a centuries-old institution with a rich tapestry of stories. Most of these pieces are straightforward interpretations of historic figures, often showing the darker and fallible side of human nature and Catholicism. Others catalog more personal milestones or characters from my religious upbringing.

Magical, classical and symbolic images are used to create a stage where I can explore the hidden side of religion. Religion, like politics, keeps its secrets close. catholicity is my effort to rip off the scab and expose the wound beneath.