My photographs celebrate the underlying wonder and variety of the male figure. Mere physical beauty isn’t enough—or even required. Life experiences make my models more interesting in body and soul.
I have never understood why the female nude is acceptable everywhere in modern society, while the male nude is still taboo. I hope my work encourages people to see that there is no reason for this paradox.

A photographic portrait promises to delay or deny our mortality, magically freezing a moment in time. My work takes that moment and peels back the curtain, exposing thoughts, fears and dreams. Its exaggerated theatricality demands your attention. Tales are told through the eyes and the orientation of head and body. Subtle changes in color and light create an atmosphere from another time and place.

I am fascinated by light. It draws me to photography. Light, shadow and color define my images and help tell my stories. A love of history, mythology and classical themes influences my art in many ways. It suggests characters and enriches my graphic vocabulary.
I am drawn to painters with strong imagery. Goya, Carravagio, Jacques-Louis David are especially intriguing for their use of light, expert storytelling and beauty.

I prefer to shoot my photographs simply, with basic studio lighting. These digital images form the skeleton of my new reality. Light, shadow and colors are manipulated to set the stage. Layered textures combine with my still life and landscape photos, antique documents, images from NASA and myriad other objects conjured for the occasion.
My goal is a contemporary portrait with references to painting, history and environment.